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What is Romance? - An Urban Shamans View
by: Alex Gordon

When most people are living their early incarnations, they communicate with violence. Whatever they desire, they acquire by force, be it physical, emotional or verbal. Gradually, their lifetimes come and go, and they discover a new form of communication - words, and they become intellectuals. Then, everything in the natural world has to have it's common name, a Latin name, a species, a sub-species, a genus, to push away the fear of 'the wild'.

These people wander for many lifetimes in the infinite jungle of the mind, endlessly debating, discussing and deciding things, and putting up signposts everywhere to reassure themselves that Nature has been tamed by logic.

Eventually, hopefully, as even more lifetimes go by, they discover the true and Universal form of communication which is feelings, and only when a person has achieved this can they understand and comprehend romance.

People evolve at different rates depending on their individual degree of laziness. Some people achieve communication by feelings almost immediately, but to most, sadly, it comes very slowly.

Romance is a love affair with being alive. It finds joy in the sight of clouds drifting across the big sky. In the interplay of seedling grasses. In the ripples of the wind on water. In the face of the moon and with the energies which emanate from evolved people.

A man seeks to rest his soul in the energies of an evolved woman, and a woman seeks the nurturing energies of an evolved man and then their spirits intertwine and there is romance.

The violent person cannot understand romance because it cannot be conquered or acquired.

The intellectual person cannot understand it because it cannot be labeled or discussed or limited.

Since the term 'romance' is usually applied only to relationships between men and women, a problem obviously arises when all three evolutionary types attempt to inter-relate. It would help enormously if people worse badges stating for example, 'lazy spirit - still communicating with violence', or, 'slow learner, still communicating with words', or 'evolved person communicating with feelings', for this would avoid the disastrous consequences created when a violent person attempts to possess an evolved person, thus crushing their spirit and poisoning them with their breath and energies, or when an intellectual person attempts to relate to an evolved person and inevitably bores them to death. This would avoid evolved people being subjugated by, and subjected to, the violence, emotional blackmail, guilt-tripping and endless excuses which are the tools of the less evolved.

The evolved person has a romantic affair with himself, or herself, and with the whole wonder of existence. They need no-one, but they must be mindful only to become attached to those on the same evolutionary level. Anything less than this, any attempt to relate to people who are less evolved, will inevitably result in them becoming either hurt and betrayed, or confused and complicated, but in both cases, polluted, made old and ill, and eventually killed

This article by: Alex Gordon - Author of Nine Deadly Venoms - A Book for Today.

The days of priests and gurus are coming to an end - People want reality now, truth, and the ability to help themselves. They want to be empowered.




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